Kenzo Master Classes & Workshops

Kenzo has been offering his workshops / master classes “ Vitalizing the Invisible “ to (inter-)national dance studios, companies, festivals, schools and academies, universities, senimars, symposiums and gatherings of all communities…

Kenzo is willing to come and share his dance workshops with diverse range of people ( with or without dancing experience, both dancers & non-dancers, highly trained professional dancers & absolute beginners, young children & senior amateur dance groups, musicians and actors, etc.. regardless of age, physical conditions and various challenges.. etc.. ) wherever places he gets invited and welcomed to be part of the space and energy of gathering souls.

Kenzo has been regularly invited to teach and share his workshops and master classes to wide range of art students ( professional dancers & choreographers education, as well as classical music students and art science students, etc.. ) as following;

KABK ( Royal Academy of Visual Art in The Hague - Art Science Department ), SNDO ( School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam ), AHK ( Amsterdam University of the Arts - Modern Theater Dance Department & Mime Department ), Codarts ( Rotterdam Dance Academy Art University ), CvA ( Amsterdam Conservatory of Music / Master Course - Music Theater & Classic Music ), HKU ( Utrecht Art University - Fine Art Department & Jazz Music Department ), Amsterdam Improvisation Summer Course HJS ( Henny Jurriens Stichting - professional dance training studio ), the ecological robotic science symposium by Machine Wilderness at ARTIS ( Amsterdam Zoo ) in The Netherlands, as well as international dance festivals and performing art venues in countries such as: Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, UK, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia, Bolivia, Chile, South Africa, Senegal, India, China and his native Japan.

Vitalizing the Invisible

Inevitably linking with breathing, seeing, listening, touching and feeling,

we will focus on the power of imagination

as an anchor to our dancing.

In this workshop " Vitalizing the Invisible ",

we aim to enhance the elasticity

of our physical body and our visionary-imaginative body

which are intricately interwoven with each other,

mediating empathically shared collective experience

while generating the magnetically permeant presence on stage.