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- Chapter (6) : HOUSE WITH ANGELS

HOUSE WITH ANGELS - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 6 )


Breathe The Wall

When you see something, you can see the totality of it. You can see the whole thing.

When you see a wall, for example, you see the totality of a wall. What is the totality of a wall..??? Asking yourself a simple question. Ask the same question to a wall. Because you are mirrors to each other. Ask a simple question, and breathe with that question. Breathe again.

You can see not only this part or that part of the wall, but the whole square meters, the entire surface of that wall, from this corner to that corner, from one end to the other end, all the entire surface of that particular wall.

You can see the entire length going up into the ceiling from the bottom of the floor, from one edge of one side to the other edge of the other side, from corners to corners, the whole entire surface of that particular wall, like an empty blank canvas of a painter. That is the wall.

Imagine, when you breathe in front of that particular wall, the wall also breathes with you.

You & The Wall, breathing together as one body.

The entire surface of the wall is breathing with you.

You listen to the subtle breath of the wall. You care about how the wall breathes.

You are interested in the way how that particular wall breathes in a particular way.

You say Hello to the wall. The wall is looking back at you, smiling back at you as it breathes.

When you breathe, the wall breathes. You are breathing together as one.

When you breathe in, the wall also breathes in, swelling up and inflating fully, shining up brighter, becoming more luminous and phosphorous like a firefly becoming luminous as it breathes.

When you breathe out, the wall also breathes out, deflating the air from its millions of pores on its surface of the “ skin field “ of the wall.

The wall is the skin of the space in which you are in. And you and the space, are in sync. You are one.

The wall is breathing.

You are here to mediate its breathing.

Because of your presence in this room, and because of your generous attention to that particular wall, the wall can breathe better, discovering itself breathing and living in this room.

Without your presence in this room, the wall might not have noticed that it is living and it is breathing in this room.

But since you have entered this room, the wall has been seeing you, and now you are seeing the wall back, so the wall and you are meeting mutuality and acknowledge each other’s presence right now. This is the beginning of everything.

This is the beginning of a miracle that emerges out of nothing but this compassionate attention and acknowledgements, imagination and the power of listening to what is.

You are the alchemist, a medium.

The wall is breathing with you as one body.

The Space

We take the oxygen from the space, from this house, from this room, surrounded by these 4 walls.

By using our heartfelt gestures, we can start to speak to the house, talking to the space.

The space is listening to you.

The space knows you.

The space sees you.

You can say Hello to the space, giving your sincere greetings from the honest and humble depth of your heart.

House receives your greetings. The space feels your genuine presence.

Let the space know that you notice the space, you take account of the space as your companion.

You acknowledge the genuine presence of the space itself. You are embraced in the vibrance of the space.

You listen to the rhythm of the space.

You hear the pulsating heartbeat of the space. You listen to the subtle breath of the space.

Space is breathing.

Your own breath would be soon tuning in to the breath of the space.

The space is also listening to your breathing.

You harmonise with each other and you breathe together as one.

You see the space. Space is seeing you too.

You are being seen by the space. You cannot hide anything from the space. Space knows everything about you. So you don’t have to hide anything in this space. Space sees your essence already. You cannot hide anything, you cannot pretend to be anything else than who you truly are.

Space knows you more than you know yourself. So ask the space what it knows of you.

You will listen to the space.

You are curious and excited to listen to the subtle breath of the space, because the space knows more than you know about yourself.

You want to learn from the space.

Space is your body. Space is your muscle.

You may not know enough about your body, who you truly are. You may not know enough about your body, the space, the breath and the air that is our common content, an essential component that makes up your body, the spirit that knows no borders.

That makes you feel humbled and honest in some way, you cannot do anything but bowing your head to the space, giving up everything and surrender to what is.

Space is gentle, peaceful and subtle and powerful at the same time, and familiar and intimate like a tree or a forest.

Space knows your essence, your true nature, your spirit. Space knows your vulnerability. Space knows your weakness. Space knows your real strength. Space knows your beauty. Space knows your beauty that you yourself are not even aware of.

You see the space. The space sees you back.

You are being seen by the space. It is a mutual and genuine encounter between you both.

Small Angels

Imagine that there are 8 small angels in this room.

They are very small angels, 8 of them.

They are breathing gently and quietly, and their hearts are beating, you can almost hear their blood streaming through their veins, if you listen carefully.

They are very shy and lovely small angels, very quietly and humbly living at the 8 corners of this space.

( * 4 angels at 4 corner edges of the ceiling, and 4 angels at the 4 corner-edges of the floor ).

Very quietly and humbly for many years since this house has been build here.

Some of them are living more than hundreds of years already, all of them are very old souls.

They have been living in this space much longer than you do.

Some of the angels are more than 500 years old. Some are even older. They are ancient souls, a guardian angels of some sort.

Many of them are very very shy. Some of them are very naughty and playful like a child.

Each angel have their own unique character and personality with their own unique temperament.

They are all very beautiful living souls, the ancient spirits in the house.

They are very shy and warm and pure and sensitive, and they are always curious about you, a new guest who is visiting this room.

They are secretly looking at you, with their sparkling curiosity, secretly gazing at you from the far distance, each from their 8 corners in this house.

When you look up and you may notice one of the angels looking at you for a long while already, and now you are finally receiving and accepting an angel’s gaze upon you, now you can acknowledge each other in distance and meeting each other face to face, eyes to eyes.

If you feel and notice that some of the angels are looking at you from a particular corner of the ceiling, then you can look up at them back, so you and angel(s) are mutually finding each other and meeting each other.

You can smile at them, you can say Hello to the angel(s) and wave at him / her / them when you acknowledge their presence.

It is a mutual greetings, a meeting with angels in the space.

Many of them are very shy, so when you look at them, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard or too sudden, otherwise you might scare them away.

They would become very shy and feel overwhelmed if you are pushing too strong and too assertive.

Angels are as sensitive and alert as the stray cats on the street.

So you should be very sensitive and delicate when you approach them. You shouldn’t scare the angels.

Just know that they are looking at you from their corners, and if you feel their gaze upon you, you would feel their warmth and temperature inside their tiny angel bodies, you would hear their subtle breathing, their tiny heartbeat and their blood streaming in their tiny veins in their tiny bodies.

Imagine their eyes are looking at you, their ears listening to your breath, your heartbeat and the sound of your blood streaming in your vein in your body.

All the 8 angels are secretly listening to all that from you.

You are being seen and heard by 8 angels’s eyes and ears, each angel stationed at each 8 corner in this room.

So you can also ask and borrow their ears, so you can listen to the space together with angels’ ears.

You borrow the ears from the angels, listening together and breathing together as one.

When you listen with the multiple ears borrowed by all the 8 angels, and listening and breathing with 8 angels together, the entire cubic square meters of the content of this whole space will breathe with you.

You can let the space breathe more vibrantly.

You and 8 angels are listening to the subtle and vibrant breath of the space together.

The space is breathing with you as one body.

The house is breathing, because of your presence in this house.

You Are An Alchemist

You are an alchemist, a medium. You inspire the space and angels. You let them speak and you listen and you learn.

You feel the texture of their presence, however subtle that could be, you have a special ability to feel it.

Space is your muscle, your body, your companion, your breath, your content, your micro cosmos inverting with super nova explosion. We are all children of stardust.

You merge into the space, dissipating as a smoke body, evaporating, steaming out and joining back to where it originally came from, the air.

You are the mirror made of water, transparent and luminous, smiling vigorously without needing a reason.

You reflect the shining beauty of the world shining back on you, a transparent mirror made of ocean, made of light.

You are the mirror breathing with the world.

You go beyond time. You go beyond the wall. Your soul knows no boundaries.

You can touch the Moon and come back on Earth in 3 seconds.

You can walk through the wall to the other side.

You morph yourself into a human, a cloud, the light, the smoke, the air, the space, the water, the ocean, the dust, the blood, the river, the architecture, the house, a corridor, a door, a key, a room, an angel, a table, a cup, a pencil, a finger bone, a twig, a tree, a forest, the microbes, an insect, a bird, the wall, a monster snake, some brutally brushed traces left around the walls, a piece of hair, a cat, a painter, a model, a chair, somebody in front of you, the Moon, a sailor, the wind, a human-shaped balloon, a window, a curtain, the ray of sunlight, the light particles, someone in the mirror, the oxygen, a smiling cell, a grain of salt, the ocean in a bottle, a dash of waves, the particle of light, somebody without a name who borrows the ears of angels, a ghost’s apprentice, the empty space.




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Vitalizing the Invisible

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