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Chapter(1): BREATHING

KENZO KUSUDA / Vitalizing the Invisible

- Chapter (1) : BREATHING

BREATHING - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 1 )



Please repeat the following breathing cycle a few times:

Breathe In ===> Hold Your Breath ===> Breathe Out

in your own tempo, on your own unhurried pace.

============== OOOOOOOOOO ==============

- Breathe In :

Breath in through your nostrils. Imagine that your body is inflating with air, as if you become a human-shaped balloon, filling up with delicious oxygen, with millions or trillions of your cells vigorously smiling in your entire body as a balloon.

- Hold Your Breath :

While holding your breath for a moment, give yourself an opportunity to simply listen to the world as if you become an invisible ghost in a space or an alert hunter in the jungle. In other words, you become the space itself, listening.

- Breathe Out :

Deflate your human-shaped balloon while taking a long and deep sigh, squeezing the air out. Imagine that the smoke is steaming out from your body into the space around you.

Smoke Hair, Smoke Chest, Smoke Feet, Smoke Palms.

And also the smoke is steaming out from all the pores from all over the field of your skin.

You have a special ability to see the smoke steaming out from you, and you can dance with the smoke around you.

==================================================== OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ==================================================== ==================================================== ==================================================== ====================================================

- Breathe In : ( Human-Shaped Balloon, Delicious Oxygen & Smiling Cells )

Breathe in through your nostrils.

Imagine that you are a balloon. A human-shaped balloon.

Your entire body as a human-shaped balloon is now gradually and slowly inflating and blowing up, filling up to the fullest, while providing delicious oxygen to the millions of trillions of cells in your entire body ( including your brain cells inside your head ) as one whole unit.

When provided with delicious and fresh oxygen, all the cells are fully saturated with vigorous and joyous smiles. Being fed with delicious oxygen, they are so extremely happy and euphoric and your cells cannot help but smiling in your whole body.

( * Additional note; ) When you breathe in through your nostrils, imagine that you are filling up your human-shaped balloon with air, which is the air from the room ( the space ) where you find yourself right now.

Wherever you are, breathe that air of that space where you are right now, the air which is available for you right now, right here. ( * Simply because there is nowhere else. ==> This is very important and crucial, and rather empowering realisation when it comes to the LIVE-performance situation, if you are a stage performer. )

Breathe in through your nostrils.

Air is filling up your human-shaped balloon, slowly pumping it up to its fullest. Inflating that human-shaped balloon as one unit, as one single balloon that is entirely wrapped by your skin field.

Oxygen is provided within all your cells, nurturing millions of billions of cells in you entire body that is by itself a micro-cosmos ecosystem powered by magic and inspiration, powered by the happy oxygen.

Also the oxygen is streaming through and filling up all your brain cells ( * also the brain cells within the backside of your head.., it is always good to give more attention to the back side of the body than the front side, generally speaking* ).

Imagine your whole body, all the cells in your entire body, is breathing as one whole unit as a human-shaped balloon.


- Hold Your Breath : ( A Hunter In The Jungle, Apprentice To A Ghost & You Are The Space, Listening )

Then, when you feel that you are fully filled up with oxygen, please hold your breath for a moment.

Hold your breath and just give yourself a chance to listen to whatever sounds you can listen to while you are holding your breath.

Just hold your breath for a moment, as if pretending to play dead, as if you don’t exist in this space anymore, as if you are secretly hiding yourself in the closet in your room, with your fully open ears, listening to the sound of the activities of “ the world without you “, as if you disappear in thin air and you become the room itself, listening to the sound of the world. You become the room itself, listening.

While you are holding your breath, listen to whatever sound you can listen to, right now, right here.

What do you hear right now..?

Just hear it, receive it, and accept it.

Embrace the grace of it all, whatever sound the world is presenting to you right now, right here.

Listen to any sounds you can listen to right now; the sound from the streets, the sound from the people walking by the corridor of your apartment, the sound of the floating dust in the air, the sound of the ticking clock somewhere in your room, the sound of your heart beat, the sound of your blood stream running through your veins, the sound of the cars and the bicycles passing through the street, the sound of the moving clouds passing across the blue sky above you.. even the tiniest sound you could possibly detect with your open ears.

Imagine that all your cells in your body have got their own ears in each of them, millions of ears are listening in your one body.

As if you have become a hunter in the jungle, your whole body becomes all ears, listening.

You have become so lucidly still and transparent, as if you have almost become an invisible and non-existent entity, almost like a ghost, vanishing into thin air and still listening without a body.

In other words, you have become the space itself, listening. As the space itself, you are now listening to the most subtle sounds of the world with its full vibrance.

Imagine that you become the room itself, listening to whatever there is right now, right here. You are transparent. You become the room, you become the space itself.

The space becomes your muscle. The space becomes your body. The space breathes as you breathe. You listen as a space itself. What do you hear..?

You are a hunter in the jungle, alert and vigilant.

Listen and observe, become transparent. Play dead. As if simulating to experience “ the world without you “ in some way, listen to whatever there is as a space itself.

Imagine that you are an apprentice to a ghost.

Or the viewpoint without a body, the floating spirit, so you can move your viewpoint anywhere in the space, as if you look at your human body’s figure from multiple corners within the space, like a floating moving camera, flying around you in the room.

You vanish and merge into the space itself, and you ( the space ), are listening and breathing as one body including all there is as one package of vibrant experience.


- Breath Out : ( Smoke Body - You Are The Space )

Then, finally, you breathe out. Breathe out from wherever you can breathe out.

For example; breathing out from your chest, feet, hair, hands, and also from your skin all over your body as a human-shaped balloon that is now deflating and shrinking while you are breathing out.

The air that you had been keeping fully in your human-shaped balloon, is now deflating and turning into the smoke which is steaming out from you.

Your entire skin field is breathing out, steaming out the smoke into the space around you.

Your body ( human-shaped balloon ) is now starting to deflate, shrinking into the wrinkled remains of the shrunken skin fields.

What you had in your body as contents ( air ), is now traveling back to where it originally came from; The Space.

That is why, the space is you, and you are the space.

You and The Space, you both share the same content, that is AIR.

Feel the affinity between these circulating components; You, your body, the air, the space, and your awareness that observes all these components which make up the “ present moment experience “ which is mediated by nothing but your own presence here in this space right now.

* See and reflect upon the inter-connected relationships between the following elements:

O2 ( Oxygen ), CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide ), H2O ( Water ).

* Imagine that you can breathe out from wherever you can breathe out. For example;

Smoke Chest

Breathing out from your soft chest ( soft sternum ), as if you are taking a deep sigh of relief.

As if the ballon starts to deflate and starts shrinking with more and more wrinkles, gently squeezing the air out.

Your chest is softening and your entire body starts to shrink further inwards, while taking a deepest sigh of surrender and relief.

Your chest, your sternum area is softening enormously and melting like a melting snow flake on the ground, with a feeling of relief and surrender.

Give up everything and lose your shape in a tender embrace.

Smoke Feet

Breathing out from your feet, as if your feet are smoking away, dissolving and dissipating from under your feet, as if they are melting away like a snow flake, as if they are decomposing themselves into the earth like the compost, disintegrating themselves into millions of organic microbes on earth.

Smoke Hair

Breathing out from your hairs, as if your hair becomes the smoke.

As if the white smoke is steaming out of your head, your hairs are now becoming the smoke, steaming up and dissipating into the air around you and above you.

Smoke Hand, Smoke Fingerprints

Breathe out from your palms, from your hands which are now turning into smoke.

The smoke is also seeping out from between your fingerprints of your hands and fingers, steaming out and dissipating into the space all around you.

Your hand is turning into smoke, dissolving into thin air and spreading further around you in the space.

Smoke Steaming out from all the pores on your Skin Field all over your body )

Breathing out from the entire field of your skin, breathing out from all the pores from all over your skin.

You are wrapped around by a single sheet of seamless skin field all over your body, wrapped within an endless plateau of skin field.

*** Special Ability To See The Smoke

Imagine that you have a special ability to see the smoke, which is coming out from you, dissipating into the space around you.

You can see the smoke steaming out from you; from your hair, chest, feet, palms, fingerprints, pores of your skin, etc..

Also imagine that you can see the smoke hovering like a floating cloud above you and around you in the space.

Imagine that you can walk into that smoke-cloud, or walking away a few steps back from it, or passing through under it, or walking all the way around it, or pushing yourself into the cloud, breaking through the cloud with your open chest, as if you go forward and unchain your heart, breaking through and reaching beyond the other side of the smoke-clouds.

Whenever you suddenly make a stop and pause your movement to a standstill, then you would soon notice the subtle movement of the floating clouds around you.

Now, only the clouds are the ones which are moving gently and slowly, blown by the wind. You stay still and simply observe the behaviour of the floating clouds around you in the space.

Then, you can choose either to join the current of the movement of the smoke-clouds, or moving a little bit faster or slower than the speed of the smoke ( or cloud ), enjoying the orchestrations and symphonies between you and the smoke-clouds around you in the space.

In other words, you dance a duet ( or trio, quartet or more ) with the floating smoke as your dance partner(s).




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