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Chapter(3): BABY'S EYE

KENZO KUSUDA / Vitalizing the Invisible

- Chapter (3) : BABY'S EYE

BABY'S EYE - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 3 )


Baby’s Eye

Imagine that the middle point of your chest ( the middle point in between your two nipples, the middle core point in your sternum area, the middle core point deep inside your round torso ) is “ A Curious Eye of A Baby “, a baby who is crawling, eager to discover the fresh new world unfolding before his or her eyes, always wanting to touch and feel everything with the curious tactile sensitivity without giving any names tagged nor labels attached with anything at all, just seeing and staring everything with sparkling curiosity, bursting out laughing for seemingly no reason or any reasons at all, sometimes capricious and arbitrary, other times convincingly dedicated and determined, vigorously driven by the innate primordial impulse to reach out further and play everything out with anything that is available at that given moment, touching, tasting and devouring everything in all directions, totally ONE with the world.

Imagine that your Baby’s Eye ( located in the middle of your chest, a self-designated tiny dot or a spot, a middle point in between your two nipples in your sternum area ) which is hidden deep inside the core of your round torso, deep inside in the middle core of your chest, three dimensionally speaking.

Imagine that there is a tiny seed-like dot, a tiny micro point inside you, in the middle of your chest area, a tiny dot which wants to jump out of your body, reaching out, radiating outwards ( like the image of halo or aura, or the ray of light emanating outwards, or a sharp and strong laser beam penetrating into the space outwards, for example ), going out of the frame of your body to the outside world, reaching out 10 metres out of your body frame into the space, immediately at once ( without needing time to process it, it is done and finished and completed, already done when you take notice of it ), a penetrating laser beam have already reached and have already finished passing through to the other side of the wall.

A tiny middle point of your chest, The Baby’s Eye, jumps out of you, wanting to see the new world, and it goes through the wall in no time, in a flash it has already arrived and passed further into the wall that is more than 10 metres distance away.

Curiosity of a Baby’s Eye knows no boundaries. It needs no time to process. It does not need time. It lives beyond time, it goes beyond space. When it starts, it is already there, done finished already.

Baby’s eye is as fast as the speed of light.

Torch Light In Darkness

Imagine that you have a torch light, casting that torch light towards any direction inside the dark space.

As soon as you cast the torch light onto the wall, your light is there on the wall already, without needing much time at all to reach, arrive and hit that wall. Your light is already there, when you notice it.

In other words, you notice the presence of light and the direction and the length of light by seeing the light reflected on the wall.

Because of the reflected light hitting on the wall, you know notice the presence of light in the darkness. Bouncing back and forth and reflect on each other, the source of light and what is being lit. It is exactly like a mirror.

Imagine that you have a special torch light beaming out from your chest / sternum area, from the deep core of your heart, the endlessly deep darkness within your inner universe inside you.

Your curious Baby’s Eye, a strong light source from within your inner universe, your inner core deep within you, is shining out and beaming out your body into the space around you and beyond, 10 km further beyond in no time, traveling faster than the speed of light.

Sense of Wonder & Genesis Of Movement

Imagine your chest is the Baby’s Eye. That baby is crawling with full of curiosity.

The chest - your baby eye - wants to see the new world. So let it see the new world.

Your heart, your baby eye in the middle of the chest, is guiding you to the new world, a new angle, a new direction.

Let it jump out of your body until you might lose your balance and almost fall out of balance, until one of your feet might ( or might not ) catch your fall in the last moment, or letting it fall further otherwise, in one way or the other in some way, until it may become a so called “ walking “ or “ weight shifting “ or “ a movement “ or whatever you may call it, it is simply a whole body mass morphing and changing its weight within its content wrapped inside the skin field, within a human-shaped balloon that you are, in a very spontaneous and inevitable way.

You don’t have to do anything much on your part. Let’s leave it to the intelligence of the natural body, the primordial and instinctive intelligence of your whole being.

Let’s see what happens. Observe it, like a scientist or biologist or archeologist, with child-like curiosity and enthusiasm, breathing with a boosted sense of wonder.

Start From Where You Are

You always depart from where you are. Nowhere else is available but here, where you are right now.

The ground that your feet are touching right now, is the ground you have. No other ground, but this only ground is where you ( and only you ) can start your life.

There is no other ground than this ground. So do something with this ground. Do something with your feet. Because your ground and your feet, they are indeed the same, a one thing.

Your feet merge into the ground, and the ground merges into you.

Like the microbes interacting with each other, you and the ground corrode with each other on the very elemental and intimate level.

Feel your feet, and feel your ground right now, and feel something in both your feet and your ground, transfuse them with one another and let them merge as one.

Change something in your feet and in your ground, make a change, any small change is a change, soften your chest, soften your feet, soften your hair, any subtle change is a change, and change is the movement, the life itself.

Feel your ground and feel your body. This is the only place you can start your life.

Start from where you are, right now, right here.

No One Can Replace You

Nobody else can see what you are seeing in front of you right now. Even if there are 10 people in the same room, everyone sees something different from the others, simply because nobody has the same particular exact angle of viewpoint and the same particular exact spatial position in the same room, and everyone is seeing and experiencing the event from his / her very particular angles and positions which nobody can see and experience the exactly the same way.

What is in front of you by chance right now, is only seen and experienced by you alone, in this particular exact angle and perspective right now. You Are The Only One.

No One Can Replace You. Only One Who Can Replace You Is You.

Without Naming

See and feel what you see in front of you by chance. You are the only person who is experiencing what you are experiencing. This is the first-hand experience, that is not mediated or biased by the second source. This is your own personal real tangible experience that is available in front of you and that is very original to you alone. So you feel it fully, and appreciate it fully, if you dare. This is a truly unique, original experience.

Breathe with your sensitivity to the fullest, without naming the experience in any way. Leave it fully to your sensitivity, without giving it a name or a label. Your sensitivity knows it all. They know each other very well already, so you don’t make them smaller than they truly are by naming, tagging and labelling them in any way. Your sensitivity knows them all, and they know you, because you are one.

Just meet, meet, meet, as frequently and deeply as possible, whatever is in front of you, you meet and receive it, without naming each other. Breathe what you see. You are the mirror, you are the ocean, you are the light, you are the ground. That is more than enough.

Is It You Dancing?

Always start from where you are right now.

You don’t have to go to anywhere else than where you are right now. There is no place other than here. So start now, and it's starting, you are in it, you are with it, you are at it, you are it.

What do you see in front of you right now? What do you hear right now?

Listen to whatever you can listen to right here and right now.

You also hear your breathing. Give attention to your breathing.

Feel the warmth, temperature, any sign of aliveness in any part of your body. Detect any tiny sign of warmth in any tiny part of your body.

Breathe in through your nostrils, hold your breath and listen to any sound.

Then breathe out from the skin pores and deflating your chest, feet and hair.

Smoke is steaming out from you, into the space, into the ceiling and walls.

Feel your feet touching your ground, feel the texture of your feet or your ground, they are one thing so that you cannot tell them apart.

So your ground is your body. You can move your ground, ground is your dancer, and you are a part of the ground. You are identical to each other.

Ground is dancing, or is it you dancing?

This is the only ground you have right now. So this is your ground. Melt into it. Decompose yourself and dissolve yourself into it when you breathe out. You are decomposing and disintegrating, joining the earth, going back to the place you came from, and you will rise up from it, emerging.




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Vitalizing the Invisible

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