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- Chapter (2) : YOU ARE THE OCEAN

YOU ARE THE OCEAN - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 2 )


You Are The Ocean - Wrapped Inside The Skin Field

Imagine your body as a container of seawater. You are like a water bottle, a package of ocean contained inside your human-shaped balloon, wrapped inside your skin field.

You have the seawater inside you, the same seawater within your entire body; inside your belly, inside your leg, inside your arms, neck, face, back, hip, foot.., even inside the head, even inside one finger, even inside one piece of hair, even inside your nail.

Now, gently and slowly, you can start rocking and shaking your body, your seawater balloon container wrapped in your skin field, just a little bit, from side to side, in a very gentle and subtle way.

Gently shaking the water inside your whole body, so the water inside may create a gentle swirl, a tiny echo, waves or ripples inside your entire body as a container, a human-shaped reservoir of seawater.

Imagine that all your organs and all your bones are peacefully floating inside you, the seawater which is warm and gentle, full of essential nutrients in the ocean inside you.

While you are gently shaking your body, your seawater inside, with floating organs and floating bones, you are breathing through your nostrils, you are breathing like a newborn baby, peacefully taking a happy nap in the warm and gentle afternoon sunlight.

While you are gently shaking your seawater inside you, imagine creating the new spaces between one organ and the other organs, the new spaces that are slightly changing from time to time, keep creating new spaces between them.

Organs are not two-dimensional drawing or illustration or photo images on the anatomy book, but rather more real and more vital three-dimensional vibrant organs; warm and round and substantial with its weight and warmth and three-dimensionality, the aliveness of each organ is very vibrant and radiant, each of them floating peacefully in the warm seawater inside you.

Imagine that your organs are also smiling. Happy organs floating peacefully in the seawater inside you.

Let Your Organs Dance

Imagine that your organs are your dancers. So, you are already a dance company alone yourself. Your organs are your dancers. Let them dance their dances. You allow them to be. Imagine creating more free spaces between each dancers and let them float peacefully in the warm sunny ocean.

Also your heart is freely dancing its dance, turning into every new directions with joy and vigour. Your kidneys are also freely dancing in your back, easy and relaxed, smiling with joy. Your lungs are also dancing, expanding outside of your body like a gigantic holographic lungs on your both sides like your aura seen in the space around you, holographic lungs ( aura-like huge lungs ) which are larger than the actual size of your entire body, radiating out from you into the space around you.

Your right lung, and then, your left lung, one by one, alternately. Right lung, left lung, right lung, left lung.. like the walking of the two lungs; as we walk on right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, alternately.. while taking a good moment of rest in between the right lung expansion and the left lung expansion, there is a gentle moment of rest, breathing out with your chest softening like a sigh of relief, like the balloon swelling up and then shrinking, then again gradually swelling up and then again shrinking down organically and naturally, as we gently breathe in and out with ease, with smiling cells, like a baby breathing and smiling in sunshine.

Also your intestines, and all of your organs are now dancing their own dance as they feel like. They regain their freedom, dancing and floating in the warm sunny water, smiling and shining, happy organs they all are.

You are the Ocean. You breathe the sunlight reflecting on your warm water. With all your cells smiling, you breathe like a newborn baby, sleeping peacefully in the warm sunlight.

Space Between One Hair & The Other Hairs

Also imagine the space between one hair and the other hairs. Gently change the space between one hair and the other hairs, just a little bit, even just a tiny micron/ millimetres, in a very subtle way. Create more subtle space between one hair and the other hairs.

Five Meter Long Hair - Super Sonic

Imagine that you have got a 5 meter long hair. And create a new space between one hair and the other hairs. All your hairs are 5 meter long.

You change the spaces between one long hair and the other long hairs.

All your hairs are 5 meter long, so they are all heavy and surrendered to the gravity, fallen and laying themselves onto the ground, dragging themselves and creating their own traces on the ground as they flow; very organic, wave-like traces, resting onto the ground with their heavy weight.

Your 5 meter long hairs are like a heavy long whip, which is very long and very heavy on its own weight, following after your every action with a little bit of delay, you can drag and swirl around the heavy whip that comes delaying after you, responding to the very subtle and minimum initial movement, that you trigger in the beginning.

You are dragging those long and heavy hairs like a ferocious heavy whip after you, a ferocious whip that comes delaying after you and then eventually surpass and exceeds the speed of sound ( super sonic boom ) with overwhelming power.

5 meter long hairs, they are resting on the ground with their own weight, they are ready to respond to any subtle trigger that you would make. They leave traces on the floor and all the walls around you.

Create new spaces between one hair and the other hairs in a very subtle way. All your hairs are 5 meter long, now quietly resting on the ground like a ferocious heavy whip, like a gigantic monster snake with its heavy weight body, resting, ready to slither along after you, but now completely resting onto the ground. The gravity takes charge of everything.

All your hairs are 5 meter long, they come after you with a bit of delay. You are the one who is choreographing those 5 meter long heavy hairs. Choreograph your 5 meter long hairs, and design the traces which they leave after them.

Observe and study how the gravity is working. Study how everything falls on its own weight onto the ground. Feel the weight, taste its heaviness, study the grace of the fall, observe how it all behaves under the law of natural gravity. Give up and surrender to the nature. Let it drop, let it roll, let it rest.

Holographic Lungs - A Sailor Reading The Wind

Usually our lungs are, of course, inside our ribcage. But now, just for inspiration, let’s imagine the following:

Imagine that your lungs ( both your right lung, and your left lung ) are bigger than the size of your ribcage, as if they are gigantic holographic lungs radiating outside the frame of your body ( like auric image emanating into the space from your body ), the gigantic size of holographic lungs floating in the space above you and around you, moving on their own, as your dancing organs in the air. Your lungs are your dancers. You are already the dance company alone yourself.

You have the holographic right lung & holographic left lung. They are both gigantic, holographic lungs, emerging out of your body, floating above you and around you, like a three dimensional, rather vertical and full volumed, round shaped holographic lung like a big cloud floating, both on your right side and on your left side above you and around you in the space ).

Imagine that you move and “ choreograph “ those holographic lungs in the air, each lung alternately one by one, right lung, then left lung, then right lung, then left lung, like walking. Walking of the two holographic lungs.

You shape and design the forms and the movements of your holographic lungs in the air. Each lung is far bigger than your body.

In combination with your breathing, you can morph and design the shapes of these holographic lungs. You choreograph your lungs in the air.

You can also imagine that you are a sailor on a boat, in the middle of ocean, sailing.

As a sailor, you have a spacial ability to “ read “ the wind. You can feel the wind, and according to the wind currents, you can navigate your boat. Wind changes frequently and unexpectedly on the sea, but you are an expert sailor who is good at “ reading “ the wind. As a sailor, you have a special ability to feel the wind and read the currents of the wind and water.

Now, imagine that you are a sailor, and your gigantic holographic lungs are floating above you in the air. Imagine that you are on a boat in the middle of ocean, and you have a special ability to feel and read the currents of the wind.

Imagine that your holographic lungs, like a huge summer cloud in the sky, are influenced by the current of the wind. The direction of the wind changes from time to time. Imagine how the cloud ( your holographic lung ) would get influenced by wind, dissipating or changing its shapes accordingly, morphing itself in the ever changing current of the sea breeze.

So now, you don’t have to do much on your part, but just stay still and feel the texture of the wind, listening to the ever changing currents of the wind which occurs and arises from unknown directions.




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