about Kenzo

Amsterdam-based Japanese choreographer/dancer Kenzo Kusuda reveals the poetry of the dancing body. Kusuda takes the audience to a world filled with imagination. His work is possessed of a mystic beauty that lies beyond the perception of our physical senses. Simply with the body's movement on an almost empty stage, he is able to reveal that which is the invisible.

In the days he was studying economics and business management and working part-time at the world’s biggest fish market in Tokyo, Kusuda discovered dance as his form of expression and gained almost immediate recognition with his very personal and intense movement language. Kusuda's work stems from a highly original imagination and aims for a communication with his audience precisely by finding a connection with their imaginative powers.

Since moving to The Netherlands in 1999, Kusuda has worked with various choreographers, artists, theater groups such as: Royal Opera theatre de La Monnaie / De Munt in Brussels and Kirsten Delholm (Hotel Pro Forma from Copenhagen), Ricciotti Ensemble, Spinvis, Oene van Geel, Maria Blaisse, Cocky Eek, Boukje Schweigman, Emio Greco/PC, DOGTROEP, Shusaku Takeuchi, Cora Bos-Kroes, Michael Schumacher, Elshout/Handeler, Paul Selwyn Norton, Katie Duck/MAGPIE, Dylan Newcomb, Karina Holla, Shintaro Oue, Kirstie Simson, Adam Benjamin, Sato Endo and Nicola Unger, Joost Vrouenraets, New European Ensemble, Opera Leusden, Holland Opera, Un Yamada, Jon R.Skulburg, to name a few, who were all fascinated by seemingly inexhaustible creativity and imagination with which this self-taught dancer makes movement into dance.


As a freelance choreographer, Kusuda has been creating a vast series of unique and personal choreographies, very often working in close collaboration with Korzo Production in The Hague, profiling him as one of the most poetic choreographers in Dutch dance. Kusuda has created pieces including:

Moisture Rocket (duet - 2001), Muse on Screw (duet - 2002), Hypnos Loco Loco Locomotion (trio - 2003), Invisitors' Vista (5 dancers - 2005), Fever in my Shadow (7 dancers - 2006), Honey Crypto (4 dancers - 2008), Abyss in Wonderland (11 dancers - 2009), Flora, Lucifer, Nebula, Dew (4 soloists - 2011), Everporapture (solo - 2013), BARE (choreography for 6 musicians of New European Ensemble - 2014), Beforeiforget (quintet with Balinese Legon legend Bulantrisna Djelantik - 2015), Braille (solo for Indian classical dancer Indu Panday with artist Cocky Eek - 2015), Something Pneu (solo - 2016), Pneu Pneu Pneu (9 dancers - 2016, for AURA Dance Company in Lithuania).

In 2016~2017, Kusuda has been invited as a guest choreographer for Royal Opera Theatre de La Monnaie / De Munt in Brussels (Belguim) to choreograph 12 dancers for Puccini’s classic and beloved opera “ Madama Butterfly “ directed by the prominent Danish theater director Kirsten Delholm (who is the founder and the artistic director of renowned transdisciplinery visual performance collective “ Hotel Pro Forma “ based in Copenhagen since 1985~).

As a solo dance artist, Kusuda has been invited by the renowned Dutch pop music star / singer-songwriter Spinvis to join his concert in 2016 to perform as a solo dancer.


Kusuda has long been collaborating and performing multiple times together with virtuoso viola player and composer Oene van Geel ( the winner of VPRO Boy Edger Prize 2013 ) and also sometimes with Oene's string quartet Zapp 4, often creating very spontaneous and wild improvisational music-dance spectacles at various festivals, venues and occasions.

Besides his own choreographic works, Kusuda has been extensively involved in live-improvisation performance on stage with both classical and (electro-) jazz musicians at venues such as North Sea Jazz Festival, BIMHUIS, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Splendor, OT301, as well as curating the music-dance improvisation events and leading workshops, bridging across the different art disciplines and different people who are passionate about the art of improvisation.

Kusuda has long been in close collaboration with Dutch designer / visual artist Maria Blaisse, with whom he has been working in depth as a dancer in many of her art projects, films and museum exhibitions. Amongst other prominent artists such as; Issay Miyake, Oek de Jong, Frances-Marie Uitti and Joost Swarte, Kusuda also contributed his own writing essay about body and nature’s energy form, design and movement dynamics in Maria Blaisse's latest art book " The Emergence of Form " that was later selected by FILAF " Festival International de Livre 'd Art et du Film " as one of the 9 best International Art Books 2014. Kusuda's dance has been seen in Maria Blaisse's art films ( such as “ Moving Mesh “ and “ Bamboo Beach Ball “ directed by renowned filmmaker Jellie Dekker ), that have been presented at Isamu Noguchi Museum and Pratt Manhattan Gallery, both in New York City in early spring 2015.