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KNUCKLE IS JUST A HALFWAY - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 5 )


Knuckle Is Just A Halfway

Imagine that you have a special ability to see through your hand like an X-Ray image, so that you can see the bone structures of your fingers, and all their anatomy.

As you can see clearly in an X-Ray, your finger bones are actually twice longer than how they appear from the outside.

Surprisingly, your knuckle is just the halfway point of the entire length of your finger bone.

Most people only use 50% of the finger bone’s true potential. We are missing the other 50%. That is a pity.

When we move our fingers, we automatically tend to move only those obviously visible parts of our fingers (only 50% of their true length), while the remaining 50% of the ‘forgotten’ finger bones inside the palm are not integrated at all, totally overlooked and chopped off from our consciousness. Therefore the finger bone’s structure remains stiff, rigid and stagnant.

In today’s society, in our daily lives we tend to separate the activities of our fingertips, from that of our eyes, our brain, our organs, and of the rest of our body. These are all so disconnected from each other and chopped apart.

Our fingers’ and our brain’s activity are so closely interconnected, so if we approach our finger’s movement (and how we picture our finger in our body mapping images) this greatly affects our brain activity.

And our brain activity is so closely interconnected with our body’s organic system as a whole, and every single bone is so closely interconnected and linked with every other bone structure in the entire mechanism of the body.

So if we reprogram our view, and our approach towards the tiny detailed parts of our body on a deeply fundamental level, it will inevitably affect and change the rest of our body’s organic mechanism in a surprisingly drastic way.


So we should remind ourselves the following:

The knuckle is just the halfway point along the entire length of your finger bone structure.

And you have all of it, always with you. So use it fully.

So all of your fingers are indeed twice longer than you think.

See the true nature of your fingers, acknowledge the natural design of your finger bones, which you already have in your hands.


You Are The River, Streaming

Follow the natural curvature of your finger bone from the tip of your finger into its first finger joint, second finger joint, then knuckle, then tracing the lines and flowing into the wrist area, then flowing into the fore-arm area, then into the elbow point, into the upper-arm area then finally into the softened chest, then into both the softened feet and softened hair, until you soften and breathe out your human-shaped balloon, which is now deflating and shrinking; eventually losing your balance like a newborn baby, falling until your feet would intuitively catch and receive your body weight in a surprisingly brand new position, somewhere unexpected after the fall, in one way or the other, somehow you end up shifting your whole body weight into another position and a new situation you didn’t imagine before.

That will become an exciting experience.

You welcome the unknown and surrender to the intelligence of the body, to see and observe how it manages itself and you will learn from the experience, instead of controlling the situation within a known territory, you expand the range of your experience by welcoming the unknown and let the intelligence of your body teach you and guide you into a new open territory.


Now, choose one finger, and move that one finger with its long finger bone (100% full-length) gently and quietly, in a very subtle way. Gently moving and rotating your long finger in a very subtle way, as if it is floating in the current of a gentle river.

Following the natural curvature of the finger bone’s design, following that natural stream along with the bone structure’s graceful curvature.

Sometimes you can try to rotate your long finger bone in a very subtle and gentle manner as if you are rotating a long pencil or a long winding twig that you found in the forest, gently rotating the 100% length of your finger bone, slowly rotating only a little bit, while reminding yourself that the knuckle is just the halfway point of the entire length of the finger you are moving or rotating right now.

Accept and respect every organic curve and shape of your finger joints’ structure, and appreciate the organic forms of your finger as they are.

Gently breathe while you access your 100% length of your finger’s bone structure, breathe through your nostrils and provide oxygen to your whole body as you approach your finger movements.

Remember that the knuckle is just halfway along your long finger.

Integrate your breathing and your soft smoke chest, soft smoke feet and soft smoke hair, when you give your attention to the 100% length of your finger bone structures.

The finger of your choice is now floating in mid air in your room like a floating pencil.

Now imagine the finger is gradually starting to rotate millimetre by millimetre, from one direction to the other, still suspended in the same spot, sometimes insisting to rotate in a spiral direction towards 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and even more towards 180 degrees, 270 degrees and finally 360 degrees until you finally lose your balance and flip over and fall, eventually collapsing onto the ground as a refreshingly spontaneous organic consequence.

When you start rotating your long finger bone (100% length) little by little in a very subtle and delicate way, the effect this rotation generates can be surprisingly powerful and dynamic, almost like a magnetic force that could take you over completely, as if you are doing AIKIDO all by yourself (or doing AIKIDO with an invisible partner, or with your finger as your partner).

During the finger’s rotating process, it is also very important to soften your chest / your feet / your hair.

You can integrate your gentle breathing process as a human-shaped balloon, breathing through your nostrils into your whole body (including your brain, of course), so your whole body will breathe as one organic unit, breathing like a newborn baby who is taking a peaceful nap in the sunny afternoon.

Also you can imagine tracing a line which is flowing and streaming through your body from one point to the next, flowing like a river, starting from your long finger rotating in a subtle movement, reaching past your wrist and your forearm area, then streaming into a point in your elbow, then streaming through your upper-arm area and past your shoulder area into your chest area, streaming into your sternum point (middle core point of your chest area), then softening your sternum point, softening your feet, softening your hair, breathing as a whole body.

All these connections will generate in your body a very organic natural movement as one whole unit.

Nature designs you. A dance visits you and dances you out into the world. You don’t have to do anything much on your part.

See the true nature of the finger bone structure that will guide you through.

See its beauty and graceful structure hidden inside.

Treat your body as a precious gift, a treasure box full of wonder and inspiration.

All your cells are boosted with vigorous smiles, joy and vibrance of curiosity.

Try it with different fingers, too.

Remember, the knuckle is just a halfway point.

Touching 10 Metres Into The Wall

Imagine that you have a special ability to touch 10 metres into whatever you are touching or reaching towards.

Touching 10 metres into your inner body. Touching 10 metres into the wall. Touching 10 metres beyond the ceiling. Touching 10 metres beneath the ground under your feet. Touching 10 metres into a person who you are touching or reaching toward. Touching 10 metres into a still object that you find in your room, such as a cup or a pen or a table or a chair or a sculpture or a wall or a window or a floor. Touching 10 metres into the space inside a theatre. Touching 10 metres into the hearts of audience members seated on the other side of the theatre tribune. Touching 10 metres into the darkness.

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a spacious room. In that room, you are surrounded by 4 walls. You are standing in the middle of the room. With your hand, you are now trying to reach one of those 4 walls at a distance, those 4 walls are all so far away from you, so you cannot touch it directly, nevertheless, you reach your hand toward the wall, as if you are ‘longing’ for it.

Now, imagine that your hand has already passed through the wall, to the other side.

All of your 5 long fingers up to your wrist (then up to your forearm, almost reaching your elbow point) have now passed through the wall, and are touching beyond the wall into the other side of the room.

Without directly touching the wall, you are ‘already’ touching through, beyond that wall into the other side, already touching inside the wall.

When you reach toward the wall with your hand, try not to ‘process’ the act of reaching toward it, but imagine you have already passed beyond the wall, without sending out and reaching and touching.

You have ‘already’ passed through the wall and you are already touching and doing something more beyond the other side of the wall.

Without processing from Point A (trying to reach) to Point B (finally arriving to touch and trying to pass through the wall), because if you ‘try’ to reach, you will never reach.

Instead, imagine that you are already at Point B, then enjoy Point C: now already busy doing something else over the other side beyond the wall, already busy touching the other side of the wall, tasting the texture of the air on the other side of the wall, moving your 5 long fingers freely beyond the other side of the wall.

That is already happening right now, right here, and you breathe that LIVE experience right now.

So start from the state of ‘already having passed, already having reached, and already doing something more over there’.

So we go beyond time. Skip the process. Skip the time. Skip the waiting.

Imagine that you are ‘already’ enjoying the texture beyond the wall.

Process requires time. Effort requires time. But now, we will skip time. We don’t process. We are over there, encompassing all the space as far as our attention goes.

Our attention, our imagination, is our longest limb.

We don’t send. We only receive and appreciate.

Start directly from receiving. Go into tasting and appreciating right away, right now.

Feel your body, feel your space, as one thing.

Imagination Is Your Longest Limb

Your hand is ‘already’ touching beyond, deep inside that thick wall, to the other side.

Beyond the wall, you feel your long finger bones, your 5 long fingers, with their 100% full length, where the knuckles are just halfway points.

When you move one of your fingers, please try to move a finger that is already over there, a finger which has passed beyond the wall, so you move that finger beyond the wall.

Make sure that you move that imaginary finger which you ‘see and feel’ beyond the wall, not your physical-real-actual finger.

Rather, you keep your real-actual finger absolutely still, instead only trying to move your ‘imaginary-holographic-finger’ which is already inside the wall or beyond the wall.

You move that imaginary finger (with 100% of its length beyond the wall) then connect a line tracing from one long finger bone (beyond the wall) that is then flowing into your elbow point (transferring back into your actual physical real body), then into your sternum point in the middle of your chest, while breathing out with smoke chest, smoke feet and smoke hair, consequently all at once, that will trigger and generate the whole body’s organic movement.

The whole weight of your entire body mass will be inevitably shifting, corroding, morphing and transferring the whole mass of weight into a new accidental position and new situation on new ground.

Organically decomposed and disintegrated and joined into new earth, while constantly falling like a landslide, like the force of nature, ever changing new positions and new situations arise, one after the other.

The genuine correlation between the space and your body’s whole mass structure goes hand in hand like a chain reaction in chemistry, generating an inspiring succession of new movement possibilities, new situations and new experiences.

Remember the 100% length of all your 5 fingers.

The knuckles are just halfway 50% points of the entire length of your finger bones.

See the true nature of your finger bones’ structure with your inner X-Ray vision and breathe with it.

In the same way as touching beyond the wall, you can also touch beyond the ceiling, beyond the ground beneath you, passing through your transparent invisible body, beyond your inner body and inner darkness, beyond anything.

You can touch 10 metres (or more) into whatever you are touching.

Attention is Imagination. Imagination is your longest limb.

Speed Of Light, Beyond The Moon

Imagine that when you shine a light from the Earth to the Moon, it will only take about 1.3 seconds to get there.

(The average distance between The Earth and The Moon is about 384400 km, and light travels 300000 km per second).

This light can make a round trip, back and forth between the Earth and the Moon, taking 3 seconds.

Before you finish counting 1~2~3, you can already go and touch the texture of the Moon directly and make a return back to Earth, within a matter of 3 seconds.

Contemplate and reflect upon this.

What if You are the light?

Imagine that you have a strong torch light, your Baby’s Eye, deep inside the core of your heart, which is deep within you, more than 10 km deep inside your darkness in your micro universe deep inside you, the strong torch light (or a source of light from deep inside your darkness, from millions of light-years away within you) which can travel outwards, like the light shining out of your body into the further distance at the speed of light.

You can go and touch the Moon within 1.3 seconds. You have a special ability to taste the subtle texture of the Moon, already right now, right here, with your body that is the light.

Your Baby’s Eye guides you to a new angle and a new direction.

The heart leads you, and your feet follow, with a bit of delay.

As the heart jumps out of the frame of the body, the total mass of your body will lose its equilibrium and almost fall, and purely out of the instinctive mechanism of your body, one of your feet might (or might not) come to catch you up and cope with that falling in one way or the other somehow, and the new movement keeps unfolding.

That is the origin of walking, or the genesis of movement.

So let yourself be taken and guided by the Baby’s Eye, to wherever it wants to go and see the new world in new multiple angles and perspectives.

That will be an experience, taken to a new place, taken to the unknown. You receive and experience a new landscape, taken on a journey, a trip.

When you surrender and receive, you can feel more and you can taste more. You become the sensor, you become the sensitivity itself. You become one with that which you are sensing. Sensing and being sensed, becomes one, like a mirror. You cannot tear them apart. You are It, right now, right here.




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