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- Chapter (4) : REVEALING BEAUTY

REVEALING BEAUTY - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 4 )


Being Seen By What You Are Seeing

Ask yourself a simple question like the following:

“ What do I see in front of me, right now, by chance..?? “

Whatever you see in front of you by chance, just see it as it is, and receive it as it is.

When you are seeing it, imagine that it is also seeing you back. Imagine that whatever you are seeing has its own eyes with it, seeing you back. You are being seen by it, as well as you are seeing it.

It is a completely mutual meeting. You see it. It sees you. You are being seen by it. You are seeing each other, discovering each other.

This could possibly be an opportunity for a miracle.

Soft Puppet & Puppet Master

Usually, you have 2 eyeballs in your face, of course. But now, just for inspiration, let’s imagine the following:

Imagine that you transport your 2 eyeballs from the front surface of your face, to the backside of your head ( behind your head ), so the position of your 2 eyeballs are now shifted about 10~15 cm backward.

Your 2 eyeballs are now replaced and re-located on the backside of your head, and those 2 eyes are still looking into the same direction as before, still facing the same way towards the direction of your nose and your mouse, seeing and receiving everything in front of you.

Imagine that you are a “ Soft Puppet “, and you are also a puppeteer, “ The Puppet Master “ at the same time. You move your 2 eyes from behind your head, as if a Puppet Master is manipulating your head from behind.

Your frontal eyes ( your real-eyeballs on the frontside of your face ) are soft-focused and relaxed now, as if they have become the gentle surface of the lake, the water surface of the lake.

Your eyes are like the surface of a lake water, very soft, still and calm, just reflecting the blue sky above and the white clouds passing across, all received and reflected on the surface of the gentle lake water that is now your soft-focused 2 eyeballs.

You are breathing like the mild and gentle water surface.

You simply become a receiver, a sensor, a receiving devise which receives and embraces everything that comes right in front of you at this given moment by chance.

You are the water. You are the mirror. You breathe together with what you are seeing right in front of you, you breathe together as one.

Whatever you see in front of you, just breathe what you see, breathe together, make it a part of your breathing body. You are also curiously listening to the gentle breath of how it ( whatever you see in front of you ) breathes.

When you breathe, it also breathes with you, and you are listening to its subtle breath while you breathe together as one body.

Breathe in what you are seeing right in front of you at this moment by chance, as if that is an integral part of your own body, your whole being. Breathe that all in, as if that is your oxygen, your inspiration.

Borrowing The Ears & Listening Together

Imagine the 2 ears of what you are seeing. You can borrow it’s 2 ears, and integrate those borrowed 2 ears into your own 2 ears. That means you are now listening with 4 ears altogether in total. Listening with 4 ears, all together listening to one thing that is the space.

You don’t listen alone. You listen together. You listen as one.

Additionally you can borrow more ears from others ( from other objects or other elements you can find in your room, for example ), listening with more multiple numbers of ears, burrowing their collective ears to assist your 2 ears.

Listening with those collective ears, borrowed from multiple sources around you in the space.

In this way, you may notice ( or other people may also notice ) that your “ presence “ seems to be naturally expanding into the space, resonating in quality with wider spatial range that is reaching further and encompassing over the whole entire space as a consequence.

You Are The Space, Listening

You can boost and maximise your so called “ stage-presence “ as a stage-performer, for instance, by listening to the live sound or listening to the space itself with the collective ears, any number of the extra ears borrowed by multiple places in the theatre space including hundreds of audience members sitting in the tribune as well as the co-performers and any spacial object and the architectural space itself.

Ear is such a powerful sensory organ, and you can re-define by yourself the meaning of the definition of the ownerships of the ears, you can re-define it in the way you want it so that it can assist your performance skills and the power as a stage performer ( * you could be a dancer, actor, musician, singer, comedian, or a public speaker, etc..).

You should give it a try and test it by yourself, and just observe what happens and what effect or chemistry that might generate and trigger in the shared reality on the stage.

Mirror, Radar, Cocoon & Embrace

Just receive whatever you see right in front of you, like receiving and accepting a new friend coming and going, you smile and say hello to what you see.

You see it, and it sees you back. It is a mutual meeting between you both.

You are being seen by what you are seeing. ( Whether it be a cup, a chair, a pen, a wall, a curtain, a floating dust, a person, a cloud, a table, anything.. )

Whatever you are seeing in front of you by chance, just give yourself a chance to turn it into a precious opportunity for a mutual meeting between you and that you see right in front of you at that moment.

You breathe that particular preciousness as your oxygen.

You see whatever you see in front of you at that moment by chance. You receive whatever you see, like a radar, or like a satellite dish, just receiving it and embracing it all, wrapping it up and surrounding it from behind your head ( * your 2 eyes which are shifted to the backside of your head, and your eyes are relaxed and soft-focused, functioning more as a receiving sensor device ), enveloping the whole sphere in the round form like a cocoon within which both you and what you are seeing are breathing as one.

Take one deep breath through your nostrils, feeding every cells in your whole body with delicious oxygen, and imagine all your cells are smiling vigorously.

At the same time, what you are seeing right in front of you is also breathing with you as an integral part of your one whole body, breathing together with you.

Make them your body, and let them breathe together along with your breathing.

You don’t breathe alone. You breathe altogether. You breathe as one.

Revealing Beauty

Like the eyes of the painter, you can discover the subtle beauty of whatever you see in front of you.

Beauty of a model, beauty of a person that you don’t know, beauty of the mountain landscape, beauty of the wall, beauty of the contrast between light and shadow, beauty of the texture of the orange curtain in a room, beauty of the still object, beauty of the fading flowers, beauty of a smiling baby crawling on the floor, beauty of a floating dust in the air, beauty of anything that you see right in front of you at this very moment by chance.

Like the eyes of the painter, you have a special ability to see and discover the most subtle and not so obviously visible, very unconventional magnificence of shining beauty which is hidden under the surface of what you see.

You are embracing its texture, warmth, vibrant aliveness and its radiance, its beauty which is overlooked and unnoticed, but you are the first person, the very first witness to discover, acknowledge its hidden beauty, appreciating and praising its vibrance and radiance beyond the appearance for the first time.

“ I see your beauty. You are really beautiful. “

For the first time it’s beauty is recognised by you. It may get surprised, even overwhelmed, because nobody has ever given it a proper attention until today. In a confusion and accustomed disbelief, it may ask you back, saying;

“ Really..? Do you mean, I am beautiful..?? Really?? “

And you would say again,

“ Yes, I see your beauty. Probably nobody has ever said that you are beautiful, and therefore you might have not been even aware of your own beauty at all, but I have a special ability to see your beauty and I can see your beauty.

You are beautiful. You should know that too.

I can become your mirror, so you can see your beauty shining back and reflecting on my mirror.

You see me now.

You know that I am a mirror, a transparent, neutral mirror that is made of water, like a gentle surface of a lake.

As a mirror, I am not here to express “ myself “ at all, but I am here to express your shining beauty and magnificent radiance, which I can discover and reflect on my mirror, a transparent and lucid lake, or the shining ocean full of vibrance.

I see you right in front of me, and you see me.

This is just by chance, but at the same time, this is not by chance at all.

I have a special ability to see your beauty which you yourself have not yet been even aware of, and I serve you as a lucid mirror, boosting up your emerging beauty so the world will acknowledge your presence in the light.

I am breathing your shining beauty in my whole body. I am the Ocean and you are the Light.

Your beauty shines more and more as you breathe with me. We are one body, breathing together. "


It is very inspiring if we DARE to discover the sense of beauty in anything we encounter by chance.

Inspiring to see anything which is not obviously “ beautiful “ in the conventional sense, while the most of them are often considered “ not beautiful “ or “ insignificant “ or “ unimportant and uninteresting “ or “ ugly “ , and in many cases they are not even given any attention whatsoever, totally overlooked and unrecognised, considered almost non-existent. People don’t see them.

But if you dare to become the first ever person to give them a sincere attention for the first time, as a mutual, equal partner or a friend, receiving them as they are as a neutral mirror image reflecting on your being in the shared space, you both are almost putting your feet in each other’s shoes, that is a truly compassionate state of “ mutual meeting “ between you both; whether it be a person or a still object or a wall or a tree or the architecture or a chair or a cup or an insect or a bird or a pencil or a dust.

So, you become the mirror, discovering the hidden beauty in whatever you see right in front of you. You give its beauty a boost and breathe that shining beauty, reflecting in your body.

You are the one who is discovering the beauty as a first person’s experience. It is not depending on them, but it is depending on you. You are the first one to start. Then the world may follow you.

You start up the chemistry machine. You are the alchemist, a true medium, a presence.

You have a special ability to see the beauty shining up in whatever you see in front of you by chance, so your presence as a transparent mirror will become an enormous gift for them so that they can recognise their own hidden beauty because of your presence.

That is your true gift, a present - the true presence of you that is emerging. Your presence becomes a gift to the world.

When you see and discover the beauty in “ the other “ and breathe in that beauty inside you as your delicious oxygen and boosting your cells with smiles, you will then immediately become beautiful as well, manifesting and embodying its shining beauty inside you and upon you.

Both of you become magnificently beautiful because you are both mirrors for each other.

You have a special ability to discover the shining beauty in others as a transparent mirror that is made of water with happy oxygen.

You receive and discover the beauty. That is your true power. That is your true gift to the world. That is your true presence.




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